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Däcker wins price at the Schallwelle Awards

Last Saturday, Däcker won the first price in the category 'Discovery' at the annual Schallwelle Awards Ceremony!

The event took place online for the very first time. If you didn't have the opportunity to see it, you can still check it out on YouTube.

Here are the final results (winners marked bold). Congratulations to all winners!

International Best Artist
    Christopher von Deylen
    Electric Mud
    Stefan Erbe
    Tangerine Dream
    Thorsten Quaeschning

International Best album
    Michael Rother – Dreaming
    Ron Boots & Synth.NL – Borkhavn
    Stefan Erbe – Nachtlichter
    Thorsten Quaeschning – The Capitol Session
    Tigerforest (Gunnar Spardel) – Discovery (USA/D)

    Däcker (Peter Dekker) (NL)
    Madis (PL)
    Skoulaman (Hans van Kroonenburg) (NL)

Your own way
    Adeptus Mechanicus (Gerrit Johannes Vos)
    Rudi Melchert
    Skoulaman (Hans van Kroonenburg) (NL)
    ToXyGeNeDK (Torben Friedrich)

Lifetime Achievement Award
Michael Rother