Onafhankelijke Label Markt



Time: August 27, 2023 12:00-18:00
Location: Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam
Organized By: Excelsior Recordings

About Tour

The 11th edition of the Onafhankelijke Label Markt / Independent Label Market will take place on Sunday August 27 in Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam!
This year the event will once again be hosted by Jim & Isabelle (Excelsior) and Lara (Konkurrent).

For the past few years, we have been focusing on expanding the market with more small DIY labels, but we are also constantly looking for makers and representatives from different corners of art and culture who want to stand on the market with a stall. The Independent Label Market primarily represents independent music, but as far as we are concerned it stands for everything that has to do with independent art and culture. Expect record labels, artists, publishers and of course: musicians.

Entrance is free.

The first participants:
ANO Studio – Argibald – AT EASE – AudioSport – badtime – Bergpolder – Bloomer – Claire van der Mee – Concerto – Concerto Books – Deserted Island Music – Excelsior Recordings – Frisian Vinyl Club – Geertruida – Geregeld Ontregeld – Indiestad – Jeroen Funke – Joris Diks – Kapitaal Records – Konkurrent – Lauren Jaye Squires – Lonely Girls – Marc van der Holst – Mattan Records – Moving Furniture – NH-Pop – OCCII -ODD Couple – Oedipus – Paradiso Vinyl Club – Petrol Candy Records – Presto Chango Records – Snowstar Records – Soft Office – Subroutine Records – Tin Angel Records – Tiny Room Records – V2 Records – Wap Shoo Wap Records – Winter-Light.
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