Raumzeit Festival Digital

Raumzeit Festival 2021


Time: July 03, 2021 12:00-18:00
Location: Online
Organized By: EMpulsiv

About Tour

After a 6-year break, the Raumzeit Festival returns. And how!
Empulsiv-Webzine-Host Stefan Erbe has invited national and international guests from the wide
genre of synthetically generated music to several digital editions. The festival starts with the first
edition on July 3rd 2021 and is looking forward to 8 top-class acts, who will follow the extraordinary
spirit of the event series to perform their music at extraordinary spaces. Thereby, no usual studio or
stage concerts are to be seen, but the participating bands and musicians create their performances
at different locations that one would otherwise rather not choose for events. In addition, Raumzeit
also leaves the classic presentation form of linear concert performances and divides the artists’
concerts into several blocks. The flowing sequence and the special fading of all contributions not only
support the contrast of the music, but also create an amazing variety compared to the usual concert

Raumzeit will not only be shown on several digital platforms as an all-day stream event, but the
event makers are also planning a real face-to-face festival for the winter of 2021/22, in addition to
further pixel versions. Thus, this institution will soon return to the electronic stages as a regular
visitor event, and we hope to be able to lay the first foundations for a large fanbase with the
preliminary screen editions and, of course, once again inspire many of the previous visitors to
participate virtually.

For all dates, whether digital monitor experience or real analog on-site event, the creators want to
resort to a voluntary “pay what you want” ticket system and give every spectator the opportunity to
visit his personal space time according to his or her own evaluation criteria. All proceeds will go 100%
and equally to the artists.

The first line-up consists of the following artists/bands (alphabetical order):
Filter-Kaffee (Frank Rothe & Mario Schönwälder) – www.manikin.de
Globotom (Thomas Albertsen) – globotom.bandcamp.com
Grosskopf & Heilhecker – www.haraldgrosskopf.de
Moogulator (Mic Irmer) – www.moogulator.com
Remy Stroomer – www.desertedislandmusic.nl
Ron Boots – www.grooveunlimited.nl
Seifert & Steinbüchel – www.pleasuresound.de
Volker Rapp – www.volker-rapp.de

The exact concert day schedule, the exact times and all other detailed info will be added bit by bit.
Only when we know all the contribution lengths, we will be able to determine the exact daily
schedule of the festival. However, it is certain that each artist/band will have about
30-45 minutes total time. The concerts will be created by the artists themselves and made available
to the festival. There are no artistic guidelines for the implementation, the choice of space, place or
location, as well as the chosen music. All content is previously unpublished and is created exclusively
for the event.

It is recommended to follow the latest news about the festival and to mark the 3rd of July in your
calendar. Please forgive us for not being able to finalize all parameters in the current planning. But
we promise that it will be a special premiere and together with the acts we are looking forward to
your (still) virtual visit, to lots of feedback and to extraordinary concerts at extraordinary locations.
For more up-to-the-minute info on the artists, schedule and content, etc., visit www.empulsiv.de.
Links to the broadcast platforms will be announced in the week before the event.