Space Art

Space Art 2023

Space Art was founded by Dominique Perrier and Roger Rizzitelli. They are considered pioneers of the French electronic music genre.
The three albums that were released between 1977 and 1981 sold more than 3 million albums worldwide.
During this period, Space Art had various chart hits, including “Onyx” and “Speedway”.

The band opened and joined Jean Michel Jarre’s tour in 1981, being the first Western musicians in the the early post-Mao China.
After having been part of Jarre’s concert and studio team for almost three decades, Dominique Perrier quit Jarre’s band in 2010.
With “Space Art Tribute” (2012) Dominique gathered musicians for the second phase of Space Art, and pays homage to Roger Rizzitelli and Jannette Woollacott. From that point Space Art did a number of international concerts, had festival appearances, and new music as well as reissues of the band’s classic albums were released.

2020’s “Entrevues” is Space Art’s first studio album since frontman Dominique Perrier’s “Space Art Tribute”. The core of the album sound like it was written during the band’s early stages, back in the 70s. However, they are brand new and fresh sounding electronic music compositions, partially co-produced by Tommy Rizzitelli, who also took place behind his drum kit, and perfectly succeeded to maintain his father’s legacy.


Dominique Perrier (1950) might be called a legendary collaborator from Jean-Michel Jarre. Recognized as a keyboard virtuoso, he collaborated on all Jarre’s albums from “Rendez-Vous” (1986) to “Oxygène 7-13” (1997), and toured with him until 2010.
Dominique was also involved into productions of Christophe, Gipsy Kings, Didier Marouani & Space, Stone Age, and composed a number of movie soundtracks.

Roger “bunny” Rizzitelli (1951-2010) also worked with many artists, including Jean-Michel Jarre, Christophe, Claude Francois, Didier Marouani & Space, Thierry Matioszek, Nicoletta, and Dick Rivers.

Roger’s son, Tommy Rizzitelli (1987), partially co-produced “Entrevues”.
Besides having collaborated with Low Parade, Faze, Goyokin, Bleu Tonerre, Simon Widdowson, and many other artist as a studio musician, he is also educator at Jazz Action Valence.