(c) Photo by Nausikaä de Blaauw.

Mäläskä is a constantly changing improvisational collective around Petter Janse (guitar and stuff) and Remy Stroomer (synthesizers and stuff).

For each occassion there are invited friends to create unique moments.
In the studio, but above all sharing these moments live on stage.

Heavily inspired by the late 60s Krautrock movement (Can, Ashra, Amon Düül) and early 70s Berlin School electronic music (Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream), blended with contemporary electronics (Brian Eno, Orb), Mäläskä’s unpredictable improvisation and non-restricted output is being established and evolved in the most natural way.
Whether Remy and Petter play together, or whether they invite fellow-musicians from a wide range of musical orientations to be part of the world of Mäläskä, everything depends on the moment of the creative process and state of mind.

Mäläskä’s debut album “Uncle Jim’s Cidney Factory” (June 2016) is the result of the band’s first studio sessions. It is about party animals and college drop-outs at an American college.

The second album release “First Day of Spring” (April 2020) features improvised ‘classic electronic music of the future’. With the ambient atmosphere, Mäläskä throws away the map and the book of rules that keeps them on well-known roads.

So far, Mäläskä performed in the Netherlands, Germany and U.K. Solo, and as support act for Acid Mothers Temple and Monomyth.
As duo, but also including appearances by Tristan Lama Waaien (bass), Bas Broekhuis (percussion), Joost Verhagen (vocals) and Thomas Betzler (percussion).