Black Friday 2021

Black Friday

Tomorrow, November 26th it’s Black Friday 2021.
If you use the code DIM10YEARS with the checkout of your order from our website, you will get 10% discount on our complete catalog, as well as a lot of distribution titles.
And, because we are nearing the end of Deserted Island Music’s tenth anniversary year, you can redeem this code until December 31th! More or less like our discount earlier this year, but now more titles are included.

Please note, that the discount only applies on

Here is the complete list of discounted titles:

Ars Phantasia – La Papillone
Deserted Island Music – Complete catalog 2011-2021
Däcker – Pareidolia
Feralia Planitia – Feralia Planitia
Fractional – Aliwen
Francis Rimbert – Mécanique Du Temps
Iuno – Everything Nothing
Mäläskä – First Day of Spring
Mäläskä – Uncle Jim’s Cidney Factory
Mäläskä – formula T-Shirt
Planet of the Arps – Planet of the Arps
REMY – Complete catalog 2000-2020
REMY – Connected
REMY – Different Shades of Dust
REMY – DisConnected
REMY – EoD (Exhibition of Dreams Revisited)
REMY – Exhibition of Dreams 10th Anniversary
REMY – Exhibition of Dreams 20th Anniversary
REMY – Fears
REMY – i-Dentity
REMY – Sense
REMY – The Art of Imagination
REMY – The Great Church Trilogy
REMY – The Other Side
REMY – The Return of Planet X
REMY – This Is Not The End
REMY & My Breath My Music – Sessions 2012
REMY & – PrimiTiveS
Space Art – Entrevues (CD and DL only)
Sutrastore – Love Evolution 1.0