10 Years Deserted Island Music

Welcome to this new Deserted Island Music space!

April 2021 should have marked the tenth anniversary of our label, but due to corona we had to move this to May 2021.

Which is now! So here we go:

In the first place you can get 10% discount on all regular Deserted Island Music releases in May (read further for details).
Secondly, we have also added some ‘old’ stock, including exclusive and out of print titles like REMY’s “Fears: Prologue”, “Exhibition of Dreams 20th anniversary boxset 1” and Space Art’s “Tribute” LP. And for the die-hard collectors, we even have an used copy of the original limited 1999 debut album “Exhibition of Dreams” by REMY.
Don’t wait a moment if you need one of these titles! Gone is gone, as for most of these titles there is only one copy left!
And there are also featured some bundles, to even get more discount.

10 Years Deserted Island Music

To highlight the past ten years, and to get you acquainted with the music we have to offer, there is a compilation download album available from our shop: “10 Years Deserted Island Music: Past – Present – Future“.
And… it is completely free!
More than 2 hours of complete outtakes from our label’s past and present releases, to give you the best experience possible.
Supplemented with some fresh new and yet unreleased tracks for potentional future album releases.
If you download this free album in May, a code for 10% discount on all regular Deserted Island Music albums is included.

Then, we also have set up a new newsletter. So if you want to get informed with the latest news, be sure to subscribe via the footer of our website.