REMY & Däcker – Live at BYSS limited edition

On December 19th, 2020, Remy Stroomer (REMY) and Peter Dekker (aka Däcker) had their very first public appearance together.
On April 20th (which is already within three weeks) the concert registration sees the light as the “Live at BYSS” album release. While pre-orders are open, the album will be presented, and is available to purchase, at the sold out E-Day Festival in Eindhoven.

Because there was recorded quite some interesting music during the rehearsal sessions for this concert, Peter suggested it would be nice to have an additional bonus disc for anyone who pre-orders the “Live at BYSS album release. So there has been added a ‘limited edition’ for only 2 additional euros.

REMY & Däcker - Live at BYSS limted
Please note that this option has just been added, so customers who have already pre-ordered will automaticall receive the bonus disc with their order.

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