Season’s greetings

Christmas tree

We are wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and a prosperous, healthy and musical 2023.

With the exception of the passing of quite an unexpected amount of musical legends and inspirators related to the electronic music scene, 2022 has been a rather good year. Having the opportunity again to visit concerts, perform, and organizing the Grote Kerk event, without any restrictions, was a relief.

Then we also had one new Deserted Island Music release: the wonderful double album “Colours” by Basic Principles, which you should definitely check out if you haven’t done yet.
And we hope to expand our label’s activities by means of multiple new releases, concerts and events within coming year, and indeed the years after.

You will receive our next newsletter with a lot of updates in the first week of 2023!

Many thanks for your support, and hope to see you all next year again!

Musical greetings,

Remy Stroomer
Deserted Island Music