Mäläskä – First Day of Spring

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Atmospheric improvisations. Recorded between November 29th and December 2nd in Jannum, The Netherlands.



1. First Day of Spring – 7’59
2. Dialogue Between Birches and Oaks – 7’27
3. Song for the World – 7’00
4. Die Morgenlandfahrt – 11’17
5. Green Glasses Don’t Make the World Green – 6’17
6. Crisis? What Crisis? – 8’50
7. Dawn for the Pollution Eating Elves – 8’41
8. In Loving Memory – 14’10



Then we felt the wind.
And we knew that this was an omen of things to come.
We’d let go of our luggage and personal belongings.
Then we threw away the map and the book of rules that kept us on well-known roads.
We’d forget all rhythms and melodies that attached us to the old world.
For the first time we felt freedom.
This energy inspired us.
It was the first day of spring.

From ‘The secret teachings of Gerhard Schultz’


Improvised and produced by Petter Janse and Remy Stroomer.

Featuring Bas Broekhuis (percussion on”In Loving Memory”).